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Allen Gilmer: A Guy Who Knows How to Get Things Done

Dec 11, 2019

“The lady that ran the courthouse was named ‘Peaches’.” – Allen Gilmer

“We focused on Texas only, and we covered things we could get from the Railroad Commission. So, that was production data back to 1970...

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Drillinginfo Changes Name To Enverus, Looks To Future Of Energy

Aug 22, 2019

Co-founder Allen Gilmer discussed with Hart Energy why the company decided to rebrand and where it’s heading as Enverus.

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Colorado’s oil field production could increase if prices stay high after Saudi Arabia attack

Sep 18, 2019

An oil derrick pumps oil near a subdivision roundabout looking west on June 7, 2017 in Dacono. Gas and oil development, exploration and fracking operations are colliding more and more..

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Groups strike consensus in debates over Wyoming's migration corridors

Sep 13, 2019

A group of pronghorn stand in a field on the edge of Mills last year. Efforts to find harmony between energy suppliers, conservationists, landowners, public officials and others was on full display this summer at the governor’s Migration Corridor Advisory Group.

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Wildlife and working lands

Jul 6, 2019

According to public opinion polls, most Americans strongly support wildlife conservation, including the protection of wildlife corridors. Yet conservation efforts by environmental and sportsmen’s groups are often met with resistance by rural stakeholders, often including landowners and local governments.

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Rancher focuses on keeping his land healthy

Aug 18, 2019

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Cattle Call on the Eastern Plains

February 04, 2019

To understand the business model of the Flying Diamond Ranch near Kit Carson, on Colorado’s Eastern Plains, it’s useful to revisit the hunting expedition there in 1872 by the third son of the Russian czar. Grand Duke Alexis wanted to kill buffalo.

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A voice for ‘common sense’ speaks out for Western ranchers

Nov 25, 2016

Western Landowners Alliance gives ranch owners and managers a voice and also provides a network among peers to share information about what works — and what doesn’t — in managing a ranch sustainably.

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Meet the group that styles itself the West's 'radical center'

January 24, 2017

Half a dozen years ago, ranchers and landowners in the West felt a gap in the spectrum of groups representing them in policy battles.

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Rural Lands At Risk As Ranchers Prepare For Retirement

April 25, 2018

Outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming is an 8,900-acre former ranch where cattle and horses once roamed.

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Q&A: Statistics executive is bullish on U.S. oil production

March 24, 2017

Allen Gilmer, chairman and CEO of Austin-based Drillinginfo, is confident the United States will increasingly replace Saudi Arabia as the world's swing oil producer. That's the case even if oil prices don't rise much from their current levels above, he said.

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The Oil And Gas Situation: Trump's American Energy Dominance Agenda Becoming Reality

January 29, 2018

As the first month of 2018 comes to a close, the situation for the U.S. oil and gas industry remains highly positive. Several current news stories help to paint this rosy picture.

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Big Oil Firms Hold Back on Drilling

April 27, 2018

The world’s biggest oil companies are awash in cash, thanks to rising crude prices. But few, if any, are going on spending sprees, even as the prospect of a global oil shortage looms.

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The Chore of Understanding Water Rights Just Got a Little Easier

April 11, 2017

It is notoriously difficult to access and interpret information on water rights. Water Sage, a new web-based service now offered in California, aims to take the sting out of this task for individuals and institutions alike.

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Making a splash: Denver company catalogs water rights across the West

May 2, 2017

Water Sage has spent years creating databases capable of snatching and simplifying information about water rights across the West. Now it's expanding its reach — and hiring.

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The Permian Basin Is Chock Full Of Potential Takeover Targets

May 2, 2019

A map of Permian acreage owned by each major operator, provided by the folks at industry solutions firm DrillingInfo shows which company’s assets are concentrated in the Midland Basin, which makes up the Eastern half of the greater Permian region.

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Drillinginfo, B3 take deep dive into produced water issues

April 13, 2019

Managing that produced water offers both challenges and opportunities, and Drillinginfo and B3 Insight have teamed up to dive deep into the surrounding issues. The two have compiled a study that will be released in four parts, with the first volume coming out next month.

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Gasoline Prices Creep Toward $3 a Gallon

April 1, 2019

Gasoline prices may get even more volatile toward the end of the year due to the International Maritime Organization 2020, according to some analysts. The IMO 2020 is a shift in marine sulfur regulations that takes effect next year. The new rules will force refiners to blend a lot more lighter products into heavier fuel oil grades to meet new sulfur specifications, potentially disrupting markets like gasoline and diesel.

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