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H.B. Legacy Media Company designs earned and paid media strategies to help our clients achieve the recognition they deserve. Our expertise in media relations, advertising and strategic alliance development make us uniquely qualified to improve a company or organization’s professional image and reputation, thereby reducing business uncertainty and protecting long-term planning and financial growth.

earned media

[urn-ed] [mee-dee-uh]

Earned media (or free media) refers to publicity gained through promotional efforts other than attention gained from traditional forms of advertising.



Advertising is the process of directly purchasing the most cost-effective media in order to achieve the required coverage, attention, and number of exposures in a target audience.

media buying

[mee-dee-uh] [bahy-ing]

Media buying is a service performed by a broker who oversees the logistics of advertising which often includes locating and evaluating inventory, price negotiations and overall management from beginning to end.

Our Clients in the News

Allen Gilmer: A Guy Who Knows How to Get Things Done

Dec 11, 2019

“The lady that ran the courthouse was named ‘Peaches’.” – Allen Gilmer

“We focused on Texas only, and we covered things we could get from the Railroad Commission. So, that was production data back to 1970...

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Drillinginfo Changes Name To Enverus, Looks To Future Of Energy

Aug 22, 2019

Co-founder Allen Gilmer discussed with Hart Energy why the company decided to rebrand and where it’s heading as Enverus.

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Colorado’s oil field production could increase if prices stay high after Saudi Arabia attack

Sep 18, 2019

An oil derrick pumps oil near a subdivision roundabout looking west on June 7, 2017 in Dacono. Gas and oil development, exploration and fracking operations are colliding more and more..

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Groups strike consensus in debates over Wyoming's migration corridors

Sep 13, 2019

A group of pronghorn stand in a field on the edge of Mills last year. Efforts to find harmony between energy suppliers, conservationists, landowners, public officials and others was on full display this summer at the governor’s Migration Corridor Advisory Group.

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Rancher focuses on keeping his land healthy

Aug 18, 2019

Answer truthfully. No registration. No hassle. OR Avoid the questions by logging in to the Journal. Answer question to see the story.

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Cattle Call on the Eastern Plains

February 04, 2019

To understand the business model of the Flying Diamond Ranch near Kit Carson, on Colorado’s Eastern Plains, it’s useful to revisit the hunting expedition there in 1872 by the third son of the Russian czar. Grand Duke Alexis wanted to kill buffalo.

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A voice for ‘common sense’ speaks out for Western ranchers

Nov 25, 2016

Western Landowners Alliance gives ranch owners and managers a voice and also provides a network among peers to share information about what works — and what doesn’t — in managing a ranch sustainably.

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Meet the group that styles itself the West's 'radical center'

January 24, 2017

Half a dozen years ago, ranchers and landowners in the West felt a gap in the spectrum of groups representing them in policy battles.

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Q&A: Statistics executive is bullish on U.S. oil production

March 24, 2017

Allen Gilmer, chairman and CEO of Austin-based Drillinginfo, is confident the United States will increasingly replace Saudi Arabia as the world's swing oil producer. That's the case even if oil prices don't rise much from their current levels above, he said.

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